Miley & Emily Friendship Over?

July 28, 2009


Are the  Emily Osment & Miley Cyrus call their friendship quits. A lot of sources say that Miley & Emily have been yelling at eachother & it took only their family to make them stop. Another source (Surfme) says “4 days after Justin and Miley broke up, Emily were hanging out with Justin. Not long after Miley stopped following Emily on twitter “ Miley also spilled that since they were two different people it’s hard. Emily is a city chick, Miley a Country chick  I also checked Emily’s twitter, she is no longer following Mitchel Musso.


Miley Loves Who?

July 28, 2009

iloveyoumoreDisney Cutie Miley Cyrus recently tweeted a picture ^ Rumors say “The tweet is all about Justin “ Justin referring to–Justin Gaston (Miley’s ex-boyfriend) Miley is also now re-following Justin. What could this possibly mean?

Taylor Lautner & Sara Hick DATING; No Taylena

July 28, 2009


It’s seems as the New Moon star Taylor Lautner (playing Jacob Black) is sticking to high school girlfriend Sara Hicks. Which means NO TAYLENA! Taylor has been spending some time with Sara recently & so much more girls (Kristen Stewart, Victoria Justice, & ect.) Poor Selena Gomez, I wonder if she feels played. Taylor seems like a player to me!

Joe & Camilla Call It Quits

July 28, 2009

jomillaThe Jonas Brother Joe Jonas & his lovely ex –  Camilla Belle BREAK -UP! The rep told E! News: ‘Yes, it’s true, they have broken up. There is no third party involved, and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends.’

Nick Jonas Did Not Give Miley A Ring

July 23, 2009

niley-bitter-breakupmiley-nickNo Niley Ring? BOOO. You can tell by her twitter, it’s sarcasm. 😉

Demi & Trace Call It Quits

July 21, 2009

demiTeen Cutie Demi Lovato and ex – boyfriend Trace Cyrus are over! Trace spilled to People Magazine: “Demi is one of my good friends and I definitely became very, very close with her in the past few months, and it’s something I really wanted to make work. But unfortunately, we both have very busy schedules, we’re both on tour right now. I’m always on the other side of the world and so is she, so it just seemed like something that can’t work out at this time. We gave it a shot and that’s all you can do. Every time I hung out with that girl or talked on the phone with her….it was amazing. She is someone that I can totally relate to. But she is a lot younger than me. When someone is that much younger, you’re looking for different things in relationships. Maybe when she’s older and we’ve both matured, we’ll be looking for the same thing and it can work out.”

Jonas Brothers Dress Up as PIGS

July 21, 2009

jonaspigsFrom their twitter! LOL

Selena Gomez Sings “It’s Magic”

July 21, 2009

selThe Disney Sweetheart Selena Gomez has a new song leaked for the Wizards Of Waverly Place Soundtrack coming out in August!

link to song-

Joe Jonas The Super Grape

July 21, 2009

grapejoeThe Major teen hottie Joe Jonas dressed up as grape during a Jonas Brothers soundcheck. Everybody was laughing like crazy!

Trace Cyrus Wants You To Buy “Here We Go Again”

July 21, 2009


Demi Lovato’s rumored ex – Trace Cyrus (from Metro Station & Miley’s Cyrus’ older bro) wants everyone to get Demi’s new upcoming album “Here We Go Again” The album features the songs : Here We Go Again, Catch me, & Remember December.