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Nick Jonas Did Not Give Miley A Ring

July 23, 2009

niley-bitter-breakupmiley-nickNo Niley Ring? BOOO. You can tell by her twitter, it’s sarcasm. 😉


Miley Loves Selena’s Style

July 21, 2009

selThe Teen Queen Miss Miley Cyrus dished to Popstar! about her her fashion (one of them)& oe was Disney Princess Selena Gomez Miley Blogs “I try not to look at it as much as possible. The only reason I look is that I like to see new pictures, like paparazzi pictures, because I love fashion and I like looking at everyone else’s pictures. I love Vanessa’s style, I love Selena’s style. I like looking at what they’re wearing, that kind of things. I like looking at fashion stuff, so that’s the reason I go on and then when you see yourself and it’s kind of like a magnet and you’re like, ‘Okay I wanna look, I wanna look. The Internet, I swear, is like a train wreck. You don’t want to but you can’t look away! On her privacy: “I can’t really escape it. I try to keep my private life pretty private and sometimes I don’t do the best at that and it’s really hard to keep private life on the D.L.”
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