Justin Moves On — To Her BFF Mandy

July 21, 2009


Teen Star Miley Cyrus may have broken up with underwear model Justin Gaston for ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, yet he doesn’t care! Justin is moving on to her best friend named Mandy Jiroux! Miley is going to freak when she hears about this!


Selena Loves her Family

July 21, 2009

selena-gomez-family-Aww, Teen Queen Selena Gomez Tweets:“I have the best family ever. Just sayin. :)” Now is that sweet or what? I can see Selena really loves her family & Friends!

Miley Cyrus – The Last Song

July 21, 2009

mileyMiley & her hot new co-star Liam play love intrest in the new movie with Nicholas Cage called “The Last Song” Miley & Liam have a couple of sexy make-out scenes on the beach together! Miley even admit that she thinks her co-star is hot! He’s beyond  gorgeous! They would make a great new hot couple in Hollywood!

credit;/lalaland on flickr

Miley Loves Selena’s Style

July 21, 2009

selThe Teen Queen Miss Miley Cyrus dished to Popstar! about her her fashion (one of them)& oe was Disney Princess Selena Gomez Miley Blogs “I try not to look at it as much as possible. The only reason I look is that I like to see new pictures, like paparazzi pictures, because I love fashion and I like looking at everyone else’s pictures. I love Vanessa’s style, I love Selena’s style. I like looking at what they’re wearing, that kind of things. I like looking at fashion stuff, so that’s the reason I go on and then when you see yourself and it’s kind of like a magnet and you’re like, ‘Okay I wanna look, I wanna look. The Internet, I swear, is like a train wreck. You don’t want to but you can’t look away! On her privacy: “I can’t really escape it. I try to keep my private life pretty private and sometimes I don’t do the best at that and it’s really hard to keep private life on the D.L.”
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Kevin Get’s Sexy With Danielle!

July 21, 2009

kevin-jonas-grabbing-some-tailWOAHH! Forget The Road Dogs! Kevin Jonas seems to be enjoying fiance Danielle Deleasa’s butt! He seems to be grabbing it a little to hard at The Road Dogs Game with younger brothers Nick & Joe Jonas.

Selena Gomez says WOWP movie premiere date

July 20, 2009

WOWPThe Disney Channel Princess Selena Gomez has announced the premiere date for her new movie with co-stars David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, & Jennifer Stone.

–Alex,Justin, & Max go ona cruise to the carribean to Peurto Rico. Alex, then wishes she stops being treated like a child and make her own desisions. Alex amkes an accidental spell which causes her parents never to meet which means they don’t know eachother & they don’t knotheir own kids.The only wy they can reverse the spell is to find The Stone of  Dreams.

You can catch “Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie” on the Disney Channel Friday, August 28th @ 8pm ET/PT.

Trace Cyrus Getting a Tattoo of Little Sister Miley’s Face

July 20, 2009

traceeMiley Cyrus’ older brother Trace Cyrus is getting a tattoo of her face! Miley tweeted “ohh trace! That’s so sweet! I can’t believe your getting my face tattooed on your back! You shouldn’t have! Your so great 😉 ha“ Miley is soooo right! That is sweet having to have your own older brothers getting a tattoo of your face!

Ashley Tisdale’s New Tattoo

July 20, 2009

Ashleyy Tisdale's New TattooDisney’s HSM star Ashley Tisdale has a new tattoo! This picture was taken at her house by the paparazzi in Touluca Lake, CA. If you look closley at the tattoo it has a “B” & “E” What could it possibly be?

Demi Lovato “Here We Go Again” Album Photoshoot Picture

July 20, 2009

Demi Lovato "Here We Go Again" Photoshoot PictureThe Bright new disney star Demi Lovato has new leaked picture of her new upcoming album “Here We Go Again” She look absolutely stunning in all these pictures! What do you think?